Return Policy

The following information pertains to policies and procedures of Capitol Academy that affect your enrollment in credit courses.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with these policies. Unless otherwise specified, this policy applies to all credit programs and courses offered. Capitol Academy reserves the right to change policies and procedures without notification.

All drop/refund requests are subject to a nonrefundable refund processing fee of $50 per class unless specified otherwise in the course description and must be made within the drop/refund policy timelines. Drop/refund requests that are a result of course cancellations are not subject to the drop/refund processing fee.

If it is necessary for Capitol Academy to cancel a course, your full course fee is refunded. We do not reimburse textbook fees, travel or accommodation costs, or any expense other than the full course fee in the event of course cancellation.

Note: If the drop/refund deadline for your class section falls before the standard drop/refund deadlines outlined below, the earlier deadline applies.


If you enroll in a course and then cannot attend, you must make your drop/refund request no later than one week prior to the first course meeting.


For online courses, you can request drop/refunds up to 24 hours before the course start date.


Please include your name, the name and section number of your course, your reason for requesting a refund appeal and your daytime phone number. Failure to include all necessary information may delay processing.


Capitol Academy reserves the right to cancel any course with insufficient enrollment or for reasons beyond our control as well as to reschedule courses and change instructors. If a course is canceled, you may either request a transfer to another course or you will automatically receive a full refund, usually within four weeks.

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