Capitol Academy

CAPITOL ACADEMY is a leading academy that offers an exceptional education program in financial markets.

CAPITOL ACADEMY name has been inspired by the Capitol building in Washington, which is at the origin of the city plan and reflects a combination of power and good performance.

CAPITOL ACADEMY offers you the opportunity to grow for personal and professional growth as a trader. Our programs prepare beginner to seasoned traders to understand and master the different trading tools ranging from Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis to Psychology of the Trader.

CAPITOL ACADEMY offers a strong communication and developed educational tools in order to empower the students to break barriers and enrich their trading knowledge. Through cases, lectures and dynamic peer discussions, the different programs demonstrate how to employ the trading resources and succeed in your trading strategy. By studying both the best practices and successful trading strategies and the mistakes that have derailed others, you will learn how to identify your ideal trading strategy and approach for your needs, understand financial markets, establish a trading journal, define best entry and exit points and establish profitability. Upon completing the programs, you will be able to analyze and support trading strategies for setting your own financial goals.

CAPITOL ACADEMY primary objective is to provide outstanding training programs which are accessible to all, at anytime, anywhere in the world.

CAPITOL ACADEMY is established in India, Tunisia ( registered under number 1264639G ) and the United States and offers multilingual educational programs.

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