Trading Strategies

When you are looking to the prices, can you:

  1. identify the buying and selling signals?
  2. Anticipate the next closing of the candle?
  3. Determine your profitability target for next week or next month?
  4. Identify areas of trend reversal?
  5. Identify the various levels of support and resistance?

Technical indicators can help traders to take the appropriate points to buy, the appropriate points to sell, and determine the best entry and exit point.

The perfect trade in currencies or stock would be to buy shares at the lowest price and to sell it at the highest possible price.

With the technical indicators , most of the stocks speculators seek to buy as close to the bottom price and sell at the top of the high prices , and then re-buy at a low price again and sell at higher prices , in order to take advantage of different market fluctuations and volatility.

Trading Strategies will allow you to study the best and most recent technical indicators and to master the professional trading strategies in order to increase your performance by taking the right decisions when to buy or to sell. Also, the Trading strategies course will help you to rely on your own decisions without being influenced by others recommendations.

Trading StrategiesTRS301
Technical indicatorsTRS302

After completing this lesson, you will be able to
  1. Identify the right support levels (the buy points) and the right resistance levels (the sell points)
  2. Master the use of the different good strategies of trading and benefit from it.
  3. Coordinate all the best indicators In order to identify the right level of entering in the right time.
  4. Prevent to fall in the market gaps and the misleading signals.
  5. Benefit from the different market changes and take profit from it.
  6. Buy and sell at the right points
  7. To determine the correct strong retreat areas and levels
  8. وIdentify the right strategies in order to get the right prediction and analysis

Features of the courses
  1. You will be able to interact with analysts and experts of the financial markets during a professional workshop.
  2. You will be trained and will be followed up by our in-house experts.
  3. You will pass a test in order to evaluate your training.
  4. You will get a Certificate from Capitol Academy, after succeeding your test
  5. You can attend the sessions at any time and from any where.
  6. You can repeat the training sessions more than once.

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