Fundamental Analysis
FUN406How to Trade Using the Economic Calendar

Many traders don't know how to deal with economic calendar and a lot of them enter a sell position and They enter a buy potion when they see a green candle !!! But this is a big mistake because there are very important economic data which affect the market significantly and it can exceed 100 of points , so traders should be aware of using the leverage because it is possible that the trader can lose all his capital within few minutes following non interesting news , and he can make great Profits during the same minutes.

What you will learn?
  1. Economic indicators and statistics.
  2. The Forex News calendar .
  3. Dates of the most important economic news.
  4. The correct reading of the economic calendar .
  5. Buying and selling using economic calendar.

What you will be able to do?

By completing this lesson you will be able to :

  1. Study of the economy of any country .
  2. Study economic data and its impact on the prices of a share / currency / gold / oil ... and how to take the decision of buying and selling.
  3. Buy the currency that has a strong economy.
  4. Sell the currency that has a weak economy.
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