TEC203 Candle Sticks

The candlestick is one of the most popular methods of Technical Analysis of Stocks or Foreign Currency Exchange and it has proven its accuracy and easy trading, especially to determine the up trend areas which represent a good opportunity to enter buy positions and the down trend areas which represent a good opportunity to enter sell positions.

The candlesticks also facilitate the technical chart reading with the time unit, the open and close points of each candle, and the highest price and the lowest prices. These different data are provided easily in the candlesticksy.

What you will lean?
  1. Identify supply and demand through the candle sticks reading .
  2. Determine the different types of the candle sticks.
  3. Trading by using the candle sticks.
  4. Coordinate the different types of candle sticks in combination with others trading strategies.

After completing this lesson, you will be able to
  1. Know who the dominant players of the market are: buyers or sellers.
  2. Know all the different types of candle sticks and their signals.
  3. Enter a buy and sell positions by using the typical patterns recognition of the candles.
  4. Recognize whether the general trend of the market is continuing its direction or there is an opposition signal.
  5. Trade by coordinating the different types of the candle sticks and some trading strategies .
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